Profoto A1 - Verdict

The world’s smallest studio light
— Profoto

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test out the new Profoto A1 Speedlight in a real life situation, a full days wedding! It did not disappoint!

Was it a risk to use a speedlight I had never used before, in such an important occasion as a wedding? Absolutely! But boy did it pay off.

I would go as far as to call myself a novice at using speedlights, as I mainly shoot outdoor or in well lit locations, so I was quite skeptical about my ability to get the most out of it.

The amazing thing about the A1 is how simple and intuitive it was to use. It took all of half an hour to figure out the main settings (Youtube being my friend here) and I took it out for a bit of a spin.

TTL mode works like a treat, and a flick of a switch is all that's needed to change to Manual mode and back to TTL when needed. The simple interface also consists of a dial that is used to control the power of the flash easily.

The feature that blew me away the most was the recycle time between the shots. The recycle time is only  1.2 seconds at full power,  at least 4 times faster than other on-camera flashes on the market currently.

The unit is priced at around the £800 mark, so it does not come cheap. Renting the speedlight, which could cost as little as £20 a day from most camera equipment rental providers, is also a fantastic way to test out a fantastic product!

The following photos were taken using the Profoto A1 as the main source of lighting.